What We Do

What We Do

We believe that working partnership with our clients enables us to deliver the best results. We bring our skills and expertise but also seek to understand the values, culture and goals of our clients, working together to create optimum development solutions.

Consulting With You

As part of the Limitless Approach we take time to understand our client organisations. With this in mind our first meetings include a “health check” focussing on a variety of aspects of your people development processes and requirements.

We explore the organisations development processes, the role of managers and leaders within the organisation and how individual learning and development is planned and delivered. This consultation enables us to identify where we can be of most value to our clients and is the start of our tailoring process to ensure that what we offer supports the vision, goals and requirements of your organisation.

Tailored Training

Whilst we can offer off the shelf training, our most effective learning interventions are created by working with you to develop a programme of training specifically for your organisation and your people. We will consult with you to match the structure and content of the training to your values, culture and goals. Our aim is to deliver excellent development activities that unlock potential and deliver success for individuals, organisations and the wider community.

In addition we also integrate NLP concepts throughout our training as we believe this brings a level of self awareness and understanding that is not possible using a simpler approach. Developing this understanding enables our participants to be successful in all aspects of their lives, with the confidence to make the choices they value and the ability to manage those choices in the most effective way.

See our courses for information on the training we offer.

1:1 Coaching

The foundation of successful coaching comes from a good relationship and Limitless takes the time to understand the needs and concerns of the coachee. The role of the coach is to help the coachee see and be what they are capable of being. We help establish the path to success and encourage you as the coachee to take that path, knowing that you are fully supported on your journey.

Our 1:1 coaching is usually offered as a series of coaching sessions, although occasionally one session is all that is needed to set the coachee on the right path. A coaching session can last between 1 and 4 hours depending on the time available and desired goals. The sessions are challenging and thought provoking and require significant input from the coachee. In between sessions the coachee is often given personal development activities to enhance the coaching process and achieve faster results.

Virtual Campus

We appreciate that every day a participant is away from work attending our training sessions
is a significant cost to the supporting organisation. We know that at busy times it is easier for our students to study in a flexible manner often out of business hours. We believe that face:face training is only the start of the learning and development our students undertake and that ongoing supported learning is more effective and long lasting.

As a result we created our Virtual Campus which we offer to every student. It enables us to
structure all our development programmes to ensure that the balance of face: face and online learning suits the needs and requirements of our clients and our students.